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Essential Origins Pomegranate Gummy

Infused with Fast Acting Delta8 by Deeper Green™


  • 100mg per pouch
  • 20mg per gummy


Experience the Essential Origins Difference!

Our new Fast Acting Hemp Derived Delta8 Gummies pack a punch!


The CBD & Delta8 market has trained us to buy products

based off milligram count. Companies like to market

their large milligram count as a selling point to you. 

The truth is, when you buy that 1,000mg bag of CBD or Delta8

gummy, it is only 20% bioavailable. This means your

body (in a best case scenario) will only be able to use 

up to 200mg of that 1000mg. 


With Essential Origins Fast Acting Gummies, we don't

have to load each serving with high milligram count. The

reason is, our infusion is 85% (or more) bioavailable. 


Users of Essential Origins Gummies have said, they would 

have to consume up to 125mg (or more) of a traditional CBD or Delta8

product to come close to the effect of a simple 10mg dose

of Essential Origins Fast Acting Products. 


Pomegranate Delta 8 Gummy (5 Pack)

$9.95 Regular Price
$5.97Sale Price
    • We recommend starting with 1/4 - 1/2 of a gummy and working up to a full gummy
    • Take 1 serving orally 1-2 times per day (Individual results will vary)
    • Adjust serving if necessary
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