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  • Do you deliver to all 50 States in the US?
    We currently deliver to all states with the exception of: Georgia Idaho Iowa Maine Mississippi Missouri Nebraska New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio South Carolina South Dakota Due to restrictions of the delivery of CBD in the states listed. Once laws change to allow the delivery of CBD, we will begin delivering to those states as well.
  • Do you ship outside of the United States?
    While CBD may be legal in certain countries, we currently do not ship outside of the U.S. due to the ever changing laws and rules for shipping CBD products overseas.
  • Can I contact Essential Origins by phone?
    Yes. Generally, we ask that you contact us using the contact form which gives us the opportunity to fully look into any questions you may have about your order. However, if you require immediate assistance you can also call us at the customer service number 916-378-8364
  • Can I return my product?
    We always aim for make sure our customers love our products, a lot of time has been put into our products to ensure that you receive the highest quality CBD. With that being said, we do not accept returns after 14 days from delivery date. If you believe something is wrong with your order, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to ensure your order is replaced and/or any questions you have are answered.
  • Do you offer free shipping?
    Yes, on orders totaling $75.00 or more.
  • Can I sign up to your newsletter?
    Yes! Just enter your email at the bottom of this page, and you’ll be added to our subscription list. We'll keep you updated about new flavor, products and promotions!
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