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Essential Origins was founded by two best friends on a mission to create effective and clean hemp infused products. CBD has substantial therapeutic potential, but if you’ve taken CBD, there’s a good chance you didn’t feel anything. Many products are oil-based with low bioavailability, low water-solubility, and are unable to be processed in the body to the fullest potential. To solve this, our team of scientists, fathers, mothers, and veterans worked together to create formulas that showcase the powerful performance of CBD. Our products use an innovative infusion technology called Deeper Green™. Utilizing freeze dry technology and a propriety formula, we take premium hemp oil and turn it into truly water soluble cannabinoids and terpenes.  

Our vision is to bring highly bioavailable products with honest, clean & pure ingredients at affordable prices. We believe that CBD has a place in most everyone’s lives, and it should be affordable and effective so that life can be spent enjoying the things we love.

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